Justine regularly writes for a variety of international publications and equestrian organisations – either writing articles or answering specific questions about horse behaviour and training. She also contributes to articles written by equestrian journalists. 

International Society for Equitation Science 2018

The dangers of sleep deprivation in horses

To rug or not to rug?

Are horses stressed when bitted for the first time?

Licking and chewing – submission or stress?

Are we training our horses more than necessary?

Is my horse/pony obese and should I be worried about it?

Endurance GB

Beating the Winter Blues December 2018

Horse Magazine

Loading Success August 2017

Lightening the Load – Loading Problems July 2017

A Healthier Future For Horses October 2016

Less is More – Going Bitless July 2016

Think Outside the Box – Taking the Stress Out of Box Rest  June 2016

Vertical Limit – Head and Neck Position of the Ridden Horse  Spring 2016

The 'Vice' Squad – Equine Stereotypies March 2016

Why Do Horses Do That? February 2016

Equine Body Language (Part 2)  January 2016

Equine Body Language (Part 1)  December 2015

The Appliance of Science (ISES 2015) November 2015

Drop the Tight Noseband  August 2015

Pain Barrier  July 2015

Aggression in Horses  February 2015

Stress Busters  November 2014

The Science of Horses (ISES 2014)  October 2014

All the Right Moves  September 2014

Separation Anxiety   June 2014

Positive Thinking (How Horses Learn part 2)  April 2014

Training Insights (How Horses Learn part 1)   March 2014

10 Steps to a Happier Horse   February 2014

To Rug or Not to Rug  December 2013

Happier Hacking   November 2013

The Science of Equitation (ISES 2013)  October 2013

Putting a Stop to Napping  October 2013

Q & A with Equine Physiotherapist Jen Taylor

Help! Our Turnout is Limited January 2018

Getting to Grips With Napping  Winter 2017

Overcoming Rider Anxiety November 2017

Should Horses Eat From the Floor, or From Haynets? October 2017

Help! My Horse is Cold Backed September 2017

Horse & Hound

Heroes and Adventurers  December 2018

Britain’s Naughtiest Ponies  June 2018

Door Kicking in Horses: What's the Prognosis?  May 2016

Horses & People – Australia

10 Tips for Introducing Grazing Muzzles  November 2015

Grazing Muzzle Dilemma  November 2012


Recognising Fearful Behaviour  January 2017

Relaxed Rider, Relaxed Horse  April 2016

Separation Anxiety in Horses  May 2015

Your Horse

Changing Places  September 2019

What's Your Horse Trying to Tell You?  October 2017

How to Have a Happier Horse  April 2017

Horse & Rider – US

To Play or Not to Play?  November 2017

The New Horse  March 2014

The Barn Sour Horse  October 2012

Trainer – UK & US

Fear in Horses  Summer 2014

Bit – The Netherlands

Hoe Stressvol is Manen Trekken?  Summer 2016

Help, Een Ander Paard!  Autumn 2014

Petplan Equine

Breaking Through: 5 Problems Solved  Spring 2016

American Trakhener

How do Horses Feel About Having Their Manes Pulled?  December 2018

Horse Deals

Bringing War Horse to Life   March 2011


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