Many horses perform unwanted or ‘problem’ behaviours. Often these behaviours are symptoms of specific underlying issues. When addressing any of these difficulties we need to understand the root cause, so we can choose the best method to solve them. 

Some issues can be resolved by small changes in management, others need time and retraining. Every case is individual. 

Typical problems include: 

Anxieties and Phobias
Separation anxiety, nervousness, fear of people, objects, vehicles, places or other animals, needle phobia, fear of veterinary procedures, the farrier or dentist.

Leading, catching, pulling back when tied up, difficulty picking up feet, head shyness, rugging up, bathing, grooming, tacking up, biting when girthed, difficulties with the vet, farrier or being clipped. 

Door kicking, barging out of the stable, refusing to enter or leave the stable, jumping out of the field.

Crib-biting, weaving, box-walking, tongue-lolling, head bobbing, headshaking, windsucking, pawing, digging, fence walking, wall kicking, self mutilation.

Towards humans, other horses or animals – nipping, biting, charging, striking out and kicking, aggressive behaviour around food.

Refusal to stand for mounting, non-acceptance of tack, napping, bucking, rearing, bolting, spooking, failure to go forward, non-responsive to aids, rushing fences or refusing to jump. 

Loading problems, anxiety when travelling or at the showground, difficulty handling or tacking up, ridden problems, refusing to enter the arena. 

Maladaptive Behaviour
Getting cast in the stable, lying down at unusual times (eg. when ridden or travelling), shut down or depressed behaviour. 

Oral Abnormalities
Wood chewing, mane and tail chewing, soil, sand, droppings and bed eating. 

Rather than addressing the symptom, Justine will help you address the root cause of the problem using positive, compassionate methods. This ensures not only that the problem is fixed long term, but also that you will have a better understanding of your horse. 

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