Why are some horses aggressive?

Horses are naturally friendly and social animals.

Their survival depends on herd members looking out for each other, so they form strong friendships with their herd mates and keeping the peace within their group is vital.

Equine scientists studying herds of wild horses rarely see any sign of aggressive behaviour. In fact, in their natural environment, horses often go out of their way to avoid confrontation. As a prey animal that relies on physical fitness to escape from predators, the risk of injury from fighting another horse is far too costly.

However, we frequently hear reports of ‘domestic’ horses behaving aggressively to other horses, humans and other animals. 

So the question is – why does this behaviour occur? Are horses born aggressive or does our management of them cause aggression?

Horse magazine have very kindly agreed for me to share my recent article on aggression in horses.

You can read my article here.